Monday, June 29, 2009

Our new life

Well its been a little over two months since Tyson was born. He'll be ten weeks old tomorrow. Life has sure changed. But for the better. I can't imagine my life with out this little guy. He is the cutest most wonderful baby ever. We are finally getting on a schedule. At first it was ugly. He would eat almost every hour! And wake up at night every two hours. We finally switched his formula and its going much better. He now eats every 3 hours and he sleeps thru the night. We put him down at 11 after his 10pm feeding, and he'll sleep until 8:30! Then he eats, and gets changed and goes down until about 12! Very nice! My family loves him. I was worried at first...I have no clue why but they adore him. My mum is amazing with him, my sister is wonderful with him and my dad....I can't even explain it. He is so great, he always soothes Ty. What a loving family I have. Joe is often away during the week. Sometimes he's gone the whole week on business, its hard but I have a great support system and I don't know what i'd do with out them. We don't see his family much. I hadn't seen them in about a month but we went to see them this weekend. They are always so busy, what with being involved with church, building onto their new house and having a ten year old. I just wish they would call more or answer our calls. We didn't even see his dad on fathers day because they never called back.
Here is how Tyson has grown:

April 21st-Birthday-8lbs 10oz, 21 inches long
1 week appt.-9lbs, 21 1/2 inches long
5 weeks (one month)-11lbs 5oz, 23 inches long
9 weeks (two months)-13lbs 2oz, 24 1/2 inches long.

He cooes, he smiles, he holds his head up great, he makes the cutest noises. He rolls over, he sleeps, he's big, he's amazing, he's my world and we love him so much!

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