Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well let me first say that Ty is 17lbs, 1oz!! YAY! He is also 26 inches long! AWESOME!! He is rapidly growing out of his 6-9 month clothes! Anyways today I am excited because I ordered a cloth diaper starter package from one of the BBC mommas. I have a few cloth already, but in her starter package she includes a few of each diaper which is really good because then I can see what kind I like. She has been really great helping me with sizing, so I can't wait to recieve these!!! Ty woke up super early this morning, he is now a belly sleeper. He still sleeps with me which I love, but Joe doesn't as he is sleeping on the couch! I try to put Ty in his crib, but he usually wakes around 3 and I'll put him in my bed, thats also right around the time Joe wants to come sleep. So maybe one day he'll go back to sleeping ALL night in his crib. Hopefully! I have been sorting out all of Ty's clothes and its really sad to put things away! I got out all his fall clothes so we are ready for the temperature change, its already starting to get cold! We had a few of the same outfits, so up top is a picture of the 0-3 size, and the 6 month size. What a difference! So sad my little man is growing up!

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