Monday, August 10, 2009

What a mess!

The house is such a mess. You can hardly see the floor in our bedroom. We keep saying we'll work on it but then we put it off another day. It won't get done. We'll keep picking up our clean clothes off the floor and wearing them lol. The rest of the house is a little un tidy but I can deal with it. Ty's room still needs finished. He is over 3 months and will still haven't hung his decorations on his wall lol. Today is mum's bday so we'll be going over there. Well Ty and I will...not sure about Joe. I did something the other day that was kinda wrong lol...the doc said I could start cereal a while ago because of his reflux but I never did because I vowed I wouldn't until he was 4 months....but I gave in the other day! I put some on a spoon! It was a mess lol...he didn't eat it...just played with it. I'll take a picture next time, but i'm waiting until 4 months. I'm dreading that appointment. More shots. I hate seeing his face when he gets them. He opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out...until about ten seconds later and its so loud! Its the saddest thing. I cry every time he gets a shot :( Ah well....nothing too much going on right now...he's napping in his swing while i'm watching TV. I need to get a shower soon and go get my mum's present!

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