Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday, Ty recieved his 4 month shots. he didn't cry too much while getting them. Well not as hard as his 2 month shots. He had 4 shots, plus the rota virus which is given by mouth. When we got home he was ok for about an hour but then it went down hill. He was screaming and crying and wouldn't stop. I couldn't put him down. He would only sleep on my chest. We gave him some baby tylonel and he calmed down but was still wimpering in his sleep. I tried to put him in his crib or with me in our bed but he would scream every time. I put him in his swing and he eventually fell asleep. I slept on the floor under his swing so I could keep popping his paci back in. I feel so bad that he had to get the shots :( I'm really thinking of delaying some or getting them spaced out so that he doesn't have to get so many at once. See he was happy about an hour after them! But then it all went down hill! Poor baby!

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  1. What an adorable little boy! I saw your pic on the photo thread on the April 2009 birth board.. Just wanted to tell you that my ped suggested giving my little guy a dose of the baby tylenol just before his shots and he is out as soon as he's in the car and sleeps most of the rest of the day. I did the same with my older son and he was the same way. Hope that helps for next time! Although everyone deals with the shots differently, so it may not work for your little man...